30 years of care

For 30 years this year, staff at Severn Hospice have been helping people through some of life’s toughest moments. In the years since its inception, more than 34,000 people across Telford, Shropshire and Mid Wales have been cared for by the charity.

Heather Palin, chief executive at the hospice, said everybody was thankful for the public’s help in raising its required £8 million each year: “It’s incredibly challenging to raise the amount we need to. We’re very grateful for the commitment of our public. We are here to help people. We can’t make them better, but we can help them deal with their illness and be more in charge of where they receive their care.

A lot has changed since 1989. Costs have gone up, care in the community has grown in importance, and even the name has been given an update. But one thing has remained exactly the same – the dedication to making sure those with incurable diseases are given the very best care possible.”

  • Published on 22nd August 2019

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