Alumni book launch

A best-selling author who attended the college returned to the campus to officially launch her latest novel. Emma
Cooper, who studied art and design at Telford College, wrote a breakthrough novel, The Songs of Us and has since been
published in seven different languages.

Emma worked with English and Media students on her launch event. When explaining why she had chosen the
Haybridge campus, she said, “As an ex-student, I wanted to share the experience of an official book launch and
hopefully inspire students who may not have considered choosing the publishing world as a career path.”

The First Time I Saw You will be revealed at the college’s student-led restaurant the Orange Tree on Thursday 9 January.
Emma will also be reading an extract from the new novel, a story which spans Derry, Washington DC and Wales, as well
as including references to Shropshire.

Students Beth Calaby, Lauren Hodgkinson and Michael Bourne are pictured with author Emma Cooper

  • Published on 11th December 2019

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