Animal-free app

On World Vegan Day in November, the Vegan Society launched an app to help those who want to try out a plant-based lifestyle find foods that are free of animal products. VeGuide, which is free to download on Google Play and iOS, features interactive content with shopping, nutrition and recipe information, all tailored for a UK audience.

The charity’s 2018 survey found that the number of vegans on the British mainland has quadrupled in the past four years from 150,000 to 600,000, with thousands more trying out the lifestyle in January as part of the Veganuary initiative. The Society’s Danielle Saunders says, “We’re so excited to launch an app developed specifically with the vegan-curious in mind. VeGuide was designed to provide a platform more suited to the younger audience, which our research showed are the most likely age group to have an interest in veganism.”

  • Published on 17th December 2018

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