Dog power!

If your dog usually pulls you along during your daily walk, you may be interested in a unique sport that’s becoming more popular in Shropshire and throughout the country. Canicross is the art of cross-country running – with dogs. Dogs are harnessed and attached to their human, and they then run as a team.

Paul Kalinauckas, who runs Shropshire Canicross, says, “Not only is canicross a great method to get a human and a canine fit but it stimulates the dog’s mind and allows them to use their brain in a work mode. As long as your dog is fit, healthy, of the right age and able to run, you can really canicross with any breed. Working breeds tend to be the more popular for this sport – but you should always consult your vet when unsure.”

If you’re interested in trying out this unusual sport, you can find the Shropshire Canicross group, which currently has over 400 members, on Facebook.

Image courtesy of Gary Dovell

  • Published on 17th December 2018

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