Farm forays

Acton Scott Farm’s programme of country crafts and outdoor skills has begun again for the spring. On Friday 12 April, a seasonal Snail Day aims to help participants connect with the natural world, exploring the natural spaces at the farm’s beautiful setting and seeking creative inspiration. The cost of the workshop is £70.

For those who’d like to find out more about the journey of fleece from the sheep to clothing, From Fleece to Fibre – £60 per person – will explain the preparation of raw fleece including sorting, combing and carding. Each student will be able to master the art of spindle spinning and learn the basics of the spinning wheel and will leave the course with their own hand-spun yarn. The course takes place on Saturday 13 April.

If you’ve been inspired by the trend for keeping chickens, a session on Poultry Keeping on Saturday 17 April will cover all aspects of care, housing and breeding, including breed selection for eggs/meat, feeding, common ailments and diseases, incubation and rearing chicks, hen keeping and the law; the costs is £60.

For all workshops and to find out more, visit or call 01694 781307.

  • Published on 15th February 2019

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