Giant steps

How was the Wrekin actually formed? Academics at University Centre Shrewsbury have their own ideas, but Mythstories’ resident storyteller Dez Quarréll knows that two giants were responsible… and he has the pictures to prove it. Both sides are willing to lay their reputations on the line as they compete for the support of the audience. Hear them engage in an epic battle to separate fact from myth in a family-friendly part-debate part-storytelling part-illustrated lecture before casting your vote. Only one theory can prevail; which will you chose?

In the Footsteps of Giants: The True Origin of the Wrekin, which is taking place at University Centre Shrewsbury on Sunday 10 February at 4pm, is suitable for everyone who wishes to uncover the truth, be they 8, 80 or older still.

Mythstories works with Local Education Authorities, Library Services and individual schools on projects using storytelling as a gateway to literacy. This is one of a series events for Shrewsbury’s Darwin Festival – call 07969 541552 for more details or visit the website.

  • Published on 18th December 2018

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