Greek style at Brockton

The children of Brockton Primary School held their first Brockton Dionysia festival in March. Five Class 3 (Y5 and 6) groups devised their own drama, based on the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops, from Homer’s The Odyssey and the play The Cyclops adapted by Euripides, the Ancient Greek playwright. The groups each performed their play in front of their classmates, after which they had the chance to democratically vote for the best performance, using pinakia tokens and a kleroterion.

The Groovy Greeks were declared the winners and bestowed with ivy wreaths, just as they would have been in Ancient Greece, and all the performers enjoyed celebratory offerings of a Greek dessert, halva, and grape juice. The Ancient Greek workshop was organised by Brockton's own peripatetic speech and drama teacher Lucy Willis in conjunction with Mike Fletcher from Wenlock Pottery and Craft Centre.

  • Published on 18th April 2018

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