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“My dog gets bits of stick, leaves and debris from walks stuck in her coat and it tangles really easily. How can I prevent this?”

Thank you for your question –as we all love to take our pooches for a walk once the leaves start to turn, it’s a very common query. You don’t mention what kind of breed your dog is, but here are some general recommendations.

Upon returning from your walk, rinse off any mud and dirt with warm water and diluted shampoo if necessary, then towel your dog dry.

Apply a gentle leave-in conditioning spray (your regular groom professional can recommend one that’s appropriate for your dog) and brush the coat very gently, and you should find that debris and dirt will be removed and tangles will not form.

Many people find bath and drying treatments helpful between their regular grooms in the autumn and winter months.

“Do I need to grow my dog’s hair longer for the winter?”

The simple answer is no. Most dogs live with us in our homes, which are generally centrally heated.

Some people opt for a slightly longer trim when having their dog’s coat trimmed once the temperature begins to drop, but it’s important to continue with regular appointments as a matted, tangled coat will not keep your dog warm but can make them feel uncomfortable in the home.


  • Published on 22nd August 2017

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