Happy Tails Q & A’s

My dog gets itchy in winter. Vet tests reveal mild allergies – what can I do to help him?

Regular professional grooming will help remove dead coat and skin cells to let the skin ‘breathe’. Try decreasing your heating by a couple of degrees, changing bedding every day or so, and using cotton bedding instead of synthetic. If your dog wears a collar or coat, wash it regularly. Be aware that fragrances or candles can cause irritation in your dog. After walks, give your dog a rinse and dry well to reduce licking and scratching. Some food ingredients also irritate the skin, so ask your vet or pet health counsellor for advice.

My dog can be scared around people. We’re having visitors this Christmas – any ideas on how to keep her calm?

Plan ahead! Give your dog its own retreat – a place to which they can go without being disturbed –and feed a carb-rich meal to settle the tummy. Try purchasing an Adaptil diffuser or collar from your vet; these replicate the pheromones a mother dog produces to soothe her pups. They’re excellent around firework season, when moving house and at the arrival of a new baby – any time a dog can feel stressed. Try to make sure your dog is exercised but not exhausted; just like us, dogs can be grumpy if they’re tired! Happy Christmas!




  • Published on 31st October 2017

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