Let’s Get Active

As part of the Telford Schools Challenge, Schools in Telford and Wrekin have been taking part in a competition to be crowned the most active. The contest entailed schools recorded the number of miles their classes ran or walked each week and was reportedly conducted in a ‘friendly but competitive’ spirit.

St Patrick’s Primary School, based in Telford, was awarded the title of the most active school, covering a total 49.6 miles during the week measured. Stephen Reynolds, Mayor of Telford and Wrekin, presented a certificate for their achievement to Shay, a pupil at the school. Head of St Patricks Mary Price said, “We are trying to become a more ‘active’ school so it seemed fitting that we should take part in the challenge.”

The Telford Schools Challenge remains ongoing, with plans for both a spring and summer competition being developed. After the success of this initial event, the council is reportedly keen on continuing the trend of encouraging activity amongst Telford and Wrekin schoolchildren as part of the broader Let’s Get Telford Active campaign.

More information on the contests and the broader campaign can be found at healthytelford.com.

CAPTION- Stephen Reynolds with pupils from St Patrick’s Primary

  • Published on 20th February 2020

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