Packwood’s mini jockeys

The sound of thundering hooves and braying donkeys filled the air at Packwood Haugh School in Ruyton XI Towns early in May. Pupils, parents, friends and staff came along to enjoy a Plant Sale and Fun Afternoon, the latest in a series of events to commemorate Packwood’s 125th anniversary.

There were plenty of traditional attractions, but the highlight of the afternoon was the Donkey Derby. A series of highly competitive races ran throughout the afternoon with children of all ages urging their steeds down the short sprint to the line. One donkey in particular had a completely different idea of what constituted a ‘fun afternoon’ and dumped every one of its riders on the ground, to the amusement of spectators and jockeys alike.

Head Clive Smith-Langridge says, “All the fun was in a good cause with proceeds from the afternoon going towards the 125 Appeal fund for the development of Packwood’s science facilities – a worthy and long-lasting legacy of this anniversary year’s celebrations.”

  • Published on 21st June 2018

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