Playing politics?

Despite being one of the most popular politicians of recent times and a best-selling author thanks to his memoirs, former Labour party stalwart Alan Johnson never saw politics as being part of his life plan. In fact, his ambition was to become a rock star.

Inspired by his latest book, In My Life, this highly entertaining show sees Alan telling his personal story with the help of some of the music that has served as the soundtrack to his life, from growing up as an orphan in a West London slum in the 1950s to leaving school and stacking shelves at Tesco, later becoming a postman before rising through the Labour Party ranks to hold several cabinet posts, including perhaps most notably Home Secretary.

Alan is visiting Much Wenlock’s Edge Centre on Friday 1 February at 7.30pm – tickets are £18. Visit for further details.

  • Published on 18th December 2018

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