Protest over plans

A group of residents from Bridgnorth and surrounding villages have started a campaign to fight Shropshire Council development plans. The proposed scheme would see 850 homes built on 40 hectares of land at Stanmore, along with around 900 more at a later date, in an area that incorporates Stanmore Country Park. The group believe the development would cause environmental damage as well as putting pressure on the town’s resources. A consultation on the development closed on Friday 8 February.

Peter Wilson, local resident and group member explains, “The impact on local residents and the greenbelt, which is vital to protect the countryside, will be disastrous. But this isn’t just about Stanmore. The impact on Bridgnorth town will also be enormous. The infrastructure would be overwhelmed – doctors, schools, hospital, traffic, parking – and Shropshire Council admit there are no guarantees of any investment to address it.

Rebecca Turner, another group member, adds, “We’ll be working hard after the initial consultation to rally support, and to get organised before the next round of consultation, particularly putting pressure on the Council to explain the ‘exceptional circumstances’ they say justify the release of such an unprecedented area of greenbelt land.”

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  • Published on 17th February 2019

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