Roobarb’s Ugandan trip

Business owners Marcia Dale and Kevin Bellwood, who operate Bridgnorth homeware and gift shop Roobarb, recently returned from Uganda after a 10-day trip visiting South Sudanese orphans and former street children at a centre in Kampala. The children have been taken to Kampala by Confident Children out of Conflict. Marcia (pictured with two of the girls) and Kevin, whose outlet recently won an award for their charity work, visited the centre during the school holidays and helped out with homework and sports activities. Kevin explains, “The children, predominately girls, are schooled in Uganda as the school system would probably fail them in South Sudan.

“These children are the most vulnerable and have been through a huge amount so far in their short lives. Most of them want to be doctors, nurses, pilots and journalists and would like to return to South Sudan once they have finished their schooling and help rebuild their country.”

Marcia adds, “It was the most satisfying time I’ve ever spent on holiday; these young people soak up learning and are desperate to be taught more, but they have so much homework to do. I came away totally worn out and needing a holiday!”

  • Published on 21st October 2018

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