Swimming into history

Bridgnorth Endowed School’s first annual prom fundraiser is set to be a team effort as pupils from all year groups pledged to support the school’s Y11s to raise money for this year’s leaving event.

On Friday 5 April, students took to the pool to swim 21 miles, marking the 40th anniversary of a standout sporting achievement in the school’s history.

Back in 1979, coached by PE teacher Ron Oliver, a team of six students from Bridgnorth Endowed School braved the perilous swim across the English Channel. Battling the elements and the tide, they recorded a time of 13 hours 34 minutes, which turned out to be the fastest junior relay crossing that year and led to them winning the Lada Trophy.

This year, the House Captains wanted to recreate the historic challenge and suggested getting all year groups involved in the 1320-length relay swim – and the whole school have rallied to the cause.

Y7 pupil Tilly Davidson, who is one of the youngsters taking part in the relay, says, “I’m supporting the Y11s because I want them to have a great time at their prom as

  • Published on 11th April 2019

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