The King is dead… 

Long live the King! At the time of writing, Facebook’s stock had plummeted 20% in a single day. This was due to an announcement that targets for growth were missed and that they expect to see the trend continue into the next quarter. 

As a digital marketer, I’m not surprised. Facebook has continued its war on organic (that’s ‘free’) reach by forcing businesses to pay for their posts to reach their followers. Add into the mix Instagram, the shiny new toy for marketers (and consumers, with over 1 billion daily active users) and we’re witnessing the perfect storm. It’s my opinion that Facebook, at least in the UK, will be relegated to mums sharing memories from yesteryear, businesses desperately screaming into the void... and declining ad revenue. 

Alas, Mark Zuckerberg won’t be losing too much sleep, as his empire owns both Instagram and Facebook, so users moving from the old to the new will provide plenty of opportunities for the growth he desires. 

Enough about Mark – there are also massive opportunities for small businesses on Instagram. The biggest opportunity can be seen in video – short clips abound with talking heads sporting virtual bunny ears – forget glossy finishes, high budgets and carefully edited compositions of artistry. It’s all about being authentic, telling the stories happening to you and your business right now. 

In a world of fake news, media bias and politics, the great British public crave honesty, ‘being real’ and, above all, feeling as though they’re part of something that’s making a difference. Instagram is the perfect platform to wear your heart on your sleeve, give quick informal updates, and make your potential market feel they’re a part of your business. 

Not sure where to begin? Lurk for a while – install the app, follow brands in your industry… then emulate what’s working for them. 

Scott Bowler is a digital marketer and developer with over 12 years’ commercial experience. He works in conjunction with WW! in order to deliver digital solutions to businesses across Shropshire. 

  • Published on 24th August 2018

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