New Forester Charitable Trust

When The Lady Forester Nursing Home was sold by ExtraCare to David and Jennifer English, ExtraCare made a contribution of £250,000 to the Much Wenlock community in recognition of the money and effort local residents invested in the facility in 1996. To this end a new Charitable Trust has been formed, handled by a Working Group composed of local residents and councillors. The objectives and duty of the new Much Wenlock Forester Charitable Trust will be:

“…to relieve financial hardship, sickness and poor health amongst elderly people resident in the area of benefit (Shropshire and particularly in and around Much Wenlock), including the funding and/or provision of specially designed or adapted housing and items, services or facilities calculated to relieve the needs of such persons.”

ExtraCare has been keen that the role of the Forester family and the Town Council is recognised in the governance of the new Trust and, therefore, under the terms of the Trust Deed, both The Lady Forester Trust and Much Wenlock Town Council have the right to nominate a trustee, nominating Lady Forester and Mr Mark Laws respectively.

It is the trustees’ intention to keep the community informed of the progress of the Trust from time to time and a website has been established at: where the most current information will be posted. Should you have any questions or suggestions about the proposed Trust, please contact David Turner on 01952 728802 or


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