How to submit an article to WW!

People love to share their news with us – which means we receive thousands of news stories and press releases for each edition. While it’s wonderful to be so popular, it’s making it difficult for us process everything with the time and resources we have available.

Providing our readers with a wide variety of local content is important to us… but we can only consider the inclusion of content that meets our criteria below:

WW! Checklist

• Most articles we publish are around 180 words so please ensure your news story is short and concise.

• We don’t always have time to chase up missing info – so please make sure you include all relevant details: names, dates, times, any costs, contact emails and phone numbers.

• Make your story stand out from the crowd – include an image and choose it carefully…a great picture can make all the difference.

• When taking your picture, keep the composition as tight as possible. Make sure everyone is grouped together, smiling, and looking at the camera. Crouching down, doing something relevant to the story e.g., presenting a prize, holding a prop, or turning to the camera from the side are just a few ways to make a picture more interesting.

• Upload your photo as a jpg. We need high resolution images – a minimum 300 dpi; (As a general rule if you send it straight from your camera or phone and don’t reduce the size, it should be fine)

• Don’t forget to include names/captions where relevant for any images included.

DEADLINES – please note our deadlines below for the magazine. If you’ve missed the deadline then please still submit your article as we do publish on our website and share some stories on social media.

Editorial deadlines:

  • Jul/Aug 20 edition – May 29
  • Sep/Oct 20  edition  – Jul 31
  • Nov/Dec 20 edition  – Oct 29
  • Jan/Feb 21  edition  – Nov 20
  • Mar/Apr 21 edition – Jan 29

If you would like to discuss a feature or advert for your business or event, please contact Leanne:

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