A Tale of Two Turbines

Following our last article about the proposed positioning of two wind turbines at Criddon, we have received many views from different readers – both for and against the project. At a recent meeting organised by the ‘Stop Bridgnorth Wind Farm’ group 140 residents attended. Local MP Philip Dunne explained that these would be the first turbines to be erected in Shropshire, and campaigner William Cash voiced concern that the turbines would be visible for miles which he believed would adversely affect tourism, one of the main sources of income for the area. Another concern raised was that new roads or roundabouts would have to be built to transport the turbine parts to the site.

There has also been an Open Day at Criddon Hall Farm, the site of the proposed turbines. Bob Esnum of Sustainable Bridgnorth said; “Contrary to damaging the tourist trade, the Delabole Windfarm in Cornwall has attracted 350,000 visitors since being built.

I predict that our two turbines will attract people to the site and the nearby Jack Mytton Way for the first time.” The turbines would generate 10-15% of Bridgnorth’s’ electricity and there is no proposal to build new roads, there would be temporary disruption to existing roads as the installation would require 10-15 lorry trips. As this is a Community project there is also an annual £10,000 ‘Community Fund’ available for local causes.

To find out more about the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments and facts, have a look at the following websites; www.sharenergy.coop/crida and www.stopbridgnorthwindfarm.org


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