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horse rescue Dani&Ruby

For the past five years a dedicated group of horse and dog lovers have been providing sanctuary to abandoned animals at the Bridgnorth Horse Rescue Centre. Based at Hilton just outside Bridgnorth the yard provides a home for 40 horses, 17 dogs and 12 puppies.

Following a Facebook appeal for equipment such as buckets, fencing and hand-me-down horse items the volunteers, who have funded this project entirely out of their own pocket’s, have been overwhelmed by the generosity of local people.

The group is now looking to rent a new plot nearby with substantial stables and kennels as well as an improved water supply. For this they will need to establish themselves as a registered charity and the volunteers are now working hard organising horse events, including free horse riding opportunities to experienced riders, to raise the £5000 required to register. They are also looking for a sponsor. So, if any readers of WW! are able to help please get in touch via their Facebook page Bridgnorth horse rescue.


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