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When should I book my puppy in for his first groom?

At my dog spa we see puppies from when they are fully covered with all their vaccinations. It’s important that young puppies attend grooming appointments during their critical learning and socialisation phase, so they learn about the grooming techniques and equipment when they are most receptive in their development. If you have a puppy of mixed heritage with a coat that is a mix of textures, this coat can tangle and matt very easily and does go through a developmental stage where the coat changes so grooming is essential.

I think my dog is allergic to cereals what can I do?

Cereal allergies are very common in dogs these days, symptoms can be itchiness of the body and ears and an upset tummy. The first port of call is your local veterinary surgeon, to rule out a more serious issue, also check for common protein sources which can aggravate the body, such as chicken. There are many cereal free ranges with novel protein sources on the market. After speaking with your vet, you can carefully adjust their diet. Bear in mind, it can take weeks before you’ll notice an improvement.
Amy Stewart of Happy Tails Dog Spa has a BSc in Animal Behaviour and is a certified pet health counsellor.


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