A final farewell

Residents said a final farewell to an iconic landmark whose loss will leave a huge gap in the landscape. The demolition of the four cooling towers at Ironbridge Power Station was finally set for the morning of Friday 6 December. With a 350-metre safety exclusion zone around the area, residents were advised to stay indoors and watch the demolition on an online feed.

For 50 years they stood proudly in the landscape and were part of one of Shropshire’s best-known landmarks. The power station opened in 1969 and was once one of the UK’s largest plants, powering 750,000 homes, but it stopped generating electricity in 2015.

Developers Harworth Group have said clearance work on the site would continue until September 2021. The redevelopment of the site could include 1,000 new homes as well as industrial development and is expected to run for a decade.


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