Breaching the banks

Residents in Bridgnorth were left stranded to battle floodwater as the town experienced its worst flooding in nearly 20 years. Houses, businesses and public spaces were washed out as the river level peaked at 4.72m. Many people were rescued from their waterlogged homes by fire crews, while the town’s rowing club, rugby club and Severn Park, bowls club were also affected.

The town’s mayor, Councillor Ron Whittle said that the floods all along the Severn had brought misery with some people having both homes and businesses suffering damage, inconvenience and even fear. He continued saying that he found it “surprising that the Environment Agency have installed flood defences in Shrewsbury, Ironbridge, Bewdley and Worcester but have somehow managed to miss Bridgnorth. All those other defences have been completed quite some time ago, so it is perhaps time for them to get around to our lovely town?”

Ron concluded saying that it was not all bad news as “the views of the flooded fields inundated with gulls and other water birds were very picturesque as is the rush of the river past our Town bridge, even for those whose homes were damaged would have appreciated this while they were busy mopping up”.


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