Rare egret sighted

While the Little Egret is a not uncommon site across Shropshire, in particular on the River Severn, a sighting of its larger relative is an unusual and welcome sight for naturalists and ornithology enthusiasts alike. Two Great White Egrets were spotted, possibly nesting, near Dudmaston Pools in what might be the first identified nesting of the birds in the area, as reported by Bridgnorth nature enthusiast and keen photographer Roger Littleover.

Roger explained, “Great White Egrets are a timid bird and are quick to take to the wing with their dry croaking sound sometimes perching precariously on the top of a fir tree. It isn’t easy to determine if the two visiting birds are male and female, the only difference being that the male is slightly larger than the female.

“It would be very unusual for them to nest… but stranger things have happened in the animal world and it would be nice to have habitation rather than visitation.”


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