Happy Tails for Jan/Feb

What measures should I take to keep my car from being trashed after winter walks with my dog?

Ha ha – that’s a very good question! You can purchase boot liners and covers that will protect your seats and they’re perfect at this time of year. You can also find fantastic towels which absorb moisture for your dog itself. I’d definitely try all of those… and you might perhaps like to invest in a monthly valet if you have a dog who really loves muddy walks. While we’re on the subject of car travel, remember that by law your dog must be safely restrained during every car journey.

Should I give my cat milk or water?

Water! It’s a bit of a myth that we should give cows’ milk to cats. As cat get older, they become less able to digest the lactase in cows’ milk, and they can develop diarrhoea or vomiting if given milk. If you’d like to give a milky drink to your cat, please choose one that is specifically designed for cats. Most supermarkets sell them in the pet area, and these have been tested for feline gastrointestinal suitability.

  • Published on 17th December 2018

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