National winners!

A Wolverhampton school were the winners of a national swimming competition, which saw pupils swim the equivalent of Dover to Calais 5 times over a four-week period. Tettenhall College participated in the ISA and Level Water Big Channel Challenge in January. The event asks for participants to swim the distance from Dover to Calais, 33km, to raise funds to provide lessons for children with a physical or sensory disability.

A total of 214 pupils from the college embraced the challenge, with the prep school totalling 48.35 miles and the senior school 58.64 miles. Fifty swimmers completed their 2000m distance badge awards, among them James Welch (Y5) and Edward Burke (Y6).

The longest distance swum by a single pupil was awarded to Samuel McDonnell of Y7, who achieved 7398m, and Lydia Wynne of Y6, who swam 5832m. The school’s James Bullock commented on the event saying it was ‘a charitable sporting event that enabled all year groups to work together’.

  • Published on 20th February 2020

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