Parent power!

Parents at Christ Church Primary in Cressage have been bringing a taste of their workplaces into school. They visited Yellow Class – the oldest children – towards the end of last year to explain what their job entails, as part of work helping children to think about their future careers.

Head Tracey Cansdale says, “Children are never too young to have the seeds of ambition sown into their lives. Exploring Opportunities is one of the building blocks of the curriculum at Christ Church, which means children go out on a termly trip to ensure they see local museums, art galleries and places which link to their lessons in school. However, alongside that, each class also has a number of visitors come in; to bring ‘real life’ experience to the children’s learning.”

One of the parents, Mrs Brassington, introduced the children to the world of vets, bringing Tink the labrador into school as a lesson aid. Tink allowed herself to be petted, bandaged and stroked by a whole class of children… and even seemed to enjoy the experience. Kye Malczus, a Y5 pupils who wants to be a vet, says, “I loved using the stethoscope to hear the dog’s heartbeat and having a go at bandaging. I learnt it’s really important not to bandage too tightly. It’s made me more determined to be a vet when I grow up.”

  • Published on 17th December 2018

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