Parishioners’ preservation push

A Broseley group known as the Friends of the Red Church has been established in order to improve the condition of the churchyard upon which the church previously stood. The group also aims to collate and expand knowledge and records of all things related to the place of worship. Over 1,250 people are believed to be buried at the site and the group believe that investigating and collecting their stories will benefit to the heritage of local communities.

Consecrated in 1767, the Red Church was a place of worship for Jackfield and Broseley. The structure, destroyed by mining subsidence, was demolished in 1961 and the churchyard remains in a poor and damaged condition.

The group has partnered with a number of groups, including Caring for God’s Acre, a national body aimed at restoring neglected graveyards. The group intends to host regular community events to generate interest in rejuvenating the site and to publicise its history.

To find out more, visit or on Facebook – Friends of the Red Church Broseley.

  • Published on 20th February 2020

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