Place of origin

We often remember places that were special to us as children; a favourite holiday location, a beach, a campsite, a hill, a lake… As we get older, we add to the list of places that have a special meaning to us.

A Sense of Place is an exhibition of British artists’ roots and significant places. It features work from Ann McCay, Melissa Scott Miller, Andrew Lansley, Claire Scott, Matthew Wood, Sam Travers and more.

Local artist Claire Scott, whose family have farmed the Shropshire hills for many years, returns to her roots and finds a deep sense of place, emotionally drawn by the colour of a field, a dense patch of grass or bluebells. Sam Travers is drawn to the hills, where he lives in Wiltshire and also Shropshire where he grew up, his childhood special place.

See A Sense of Place at Twenty Twenty Gallery, 4 Quality Square, Ludlow from Saturday 21 to 26 October. Visit for more information.

  • Published on 27th August 2019

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