Plastic-free Hills

The staff at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre are pulling together with their visitors to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used around the site, moving towards cutting it out all together in the coming months.

Over the last year, the team at the Centre have made steps to remove plastic cutlery, cups and straws from the café, almost entirely replacing them with wooden and paper options. The Centre’s branded sweets are now packaged in entirely biodegradable film packaging that is compostable and will also biodegrade in ocean water. The Centre no longer provides plastic carrier bags, which have been ousted by tough, reusable paper bags.

Manager Grant Wilson says, “It is very important to the charity and to us all as individuals that we make these steps to lessen our impact on our environment. Our mission is to connect people to the food, history and landscape of the Shropshire Hills and we want to preserve our countryside and oceans for years to come.”

  • Published on 27th August 2019

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