Step up for charity

On Sunday 7 October, the Rotary Club of Bridgnorth will hold their sixth Up the Steps Walk, starting from the Town Hall at 2pm. The gruelling walk takes participants up and down the town’s famous steps, covering 800 steps in total and passing through the most historic parts of Bridgnorth via flights at Friars Loade, Granary, Bank, St Leonards, Stoneway, Waterloo Terrace, St Mary’s, the Library, Seven Sixes, Cannon and Ebenezer Steps.

Rotary secretary Elwyn Jones says, “Last year’s walk raised £6,800 benefiting 20 charitable causes, which was the most money so far raised by this event.

“The ‘Steps’ is a community event and we want walkers to collect sponsor money for their club, their favourite charity or other good causes. It’s an opportunity for clubs to raise money to run their own events or buy equipment. Walkers can be in teams or as individuals. We want you to take part and be challenged… you know you want to!”

Register by email at [email protected] or at – registration costs £10 per person.

  • Published on 24th August 2018

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