What is ‘Asian Fusion’ grooming and can I have it on my shih tzu?

As the name suggests, Asian Fusion grooming is a style of grooming from Asia which is not to breed standard. Shih tzus suit this form of styling, as their hair type lends itself well to the shapes created. Normally, the body is short and legs can have a flared style. The faces are often shorter than breed standard styling and the overall finish can look very cute and teddy-like. Some fusion styles incorporate pet-safe colouring such as pink highlights through the tail or ears. Ensure your groomer is competent with this form of styling before you opt for it.

I’ve never used a professional dog groomer. What should I look for?

In addition to qualifications and experience, it’s important to get recommendations from other pet owners, pet sitters and vets. Go to the salon and have a good look; is it clean and tidy? Are they friendly to both you and your dog? Are they happy for you to stay while the groom’s in progress? Ask to see some photos of their work and be very clear what you’d like your dog to look like. A good groomer will tell you if your ideal style is realistic for your pet’s coat, lifestyle and frequency of groom.

  • Published on 22nd August 2019

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