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With so many pressures and pulls on our time and energy, it can be hard to draw our focus back to ourselves. A local mum and her two daughters have started their own business, sharing their jewellery to help people generate their own positive approach to mindfulness – and we have THREE bracelets to give away to lucky readers!

Reiki masters Samantha, Gemma and Patsy Parr of Kinver woo way after discovering the powers of crystals at a retreat.

Patsy explains “We were inspired by these precious crystals on a spiritual retreat with other Reiki Masters. The colours and lustre of the crystals along with the ancient hidden healing and spiritual meanings are magical, and the jewellery is personalised and handcrafted right here in the UK.”

Samantha says everyone forms a different connection with the stones: “Sodalite is my favourite as it helps with communication and creativity and can relieve hormone problems and give a sense of balance and calm. I love the blues and indigo hues.

“The best stones are sourced from all over the world and then handcrafted in Stourbridge where the lovely silver disc is hammered by hand and can be given an initial. Each bracelet is individual and totally unique”, explains Patsy.

There are six bracelets, each with their own qualities: blue and royal indigo tones found in Sodalite are said to stimulate creativity; Tigers Eye, with its deep chocolate and caramel tones, oozes wisdom; Rose Quartz is known to be calming and represents unconditional love; gunmetal grey Hematite boosts energy; Snowflake Obsidian is associated with power and strength; and finally, Amethyst evokes peace, calm and spiritual awareness.

You can simply enjoy the healing energy of the stones or find out how to use the bracelet to help with mindfulness and meditation and learn more about its unique qualities by visiting

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Q. Which one of the three crystals below is said to evoke peace, calm and spiritual awareness?

A) Tigers Eye B) Rose Quartz C) Amethyst

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