Hundreds protest

A protest march in Bridgnorth was held in late March to support and raise awareness of the county’s midwife-led maternity units. Several hundred people took part, including local councillors and the mayor of Bridgnorth, Vanessa Voysey. The route took protestors from the hospital along the High Street and into Castle Gardens and was organised by Bobbie Brown, who leads the Shropshire Smile Maternity Charity with husband Eddie; they also founded the campaign to raise awareness of the maternity units.

Bobbie said, “We’ve received a huge amount of support from women who gave birth in Bridgnorth Hospital. The protest wasn’t just about trying to protect our midwife-led unit, it was also about promoting the facility, as lots of people don’t know it’s here. The review of maternity services closes in July and people can sign one of our petitions to show their support. It was wonderful to see so many attend the march today… it shows how important the issue is to our community.”


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