Re-use for phone boxes

In a brilliant reusage scheme, public defibrillators have been installed inside a number of iconic red phone boxes in the WW! area. Heartstart Midlands has worked closely with parish councils, Shropshire Council and BT following the sad news that telephone boxes were to be removed later this year, to try and find alternative use and life the boxes, whilst increasing the number of life saving defibrillators across the Bridgnorth area that can be called upon in an emergency.

Ex-Bridgnorth Endowed pupil Chris Philips, who runs Heartstart, said, “We’ve installed Public Access Defibrillators over the last three weeks in Middleton Scriven, Glazeley, Billingsley, Cleobury North (donated by Burwarton Show Young Farmers), Monkhopton, Burwarton and in Low Town Bridgnorth (donated by Bridgnorth Winter Darts League).
“Defibrillators deliver an electrical shock to a casualty in cardiac arrest in an attempt to restart the heart prior to the arrival of an ambulance. At that stage every second counts and having this vital equipment close to hand could make the difference between life and death.
“The defibrillators are housed in locked cabinets within the telephone boxes, and the access code as well as full instructions are given by the operator when calling 999 for an ambulance. If we could support your local area or business in installing a Public Access Defibrillator, please contact us 01952 373 999 or or find us on Facebook.”


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