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How can I get my puppy used to people?


So you’ve got a new puppy – what next? As well as basic training, socialisation is a very important step and should not be rushed or ignored.


Plan for the canine companion you want for the next 15 years. Do you want to travel? If so, take your dog places in the car. Enjoy eating out? Take them to pet-friendly coffee shops and pubs as soon as their inoculations are finished. You should definitely take them to grooming parlours at an early age to ensure they grow into a relaxed dog during their regular sessions.


The British Kennel Club runs a Good Citizens Dog Scheme; find out more at thekennelclub.org.uk.


My pet is pudgy – help!


Most pets in the UK are overweight to some degree. Obviously there are variations in size with breed, but there’s a range in which your pet should sit. You should be able to feel but not see the ribs, and most pets should have a waist.


Most vet surgeries have nurse-led weight clinics where obesity can be monitored. Some pets cannot exercise due to health issues, so it’s always advisable to seek professional advice. Also, ask your groomer; we see pets on a regular basis and can let you know if your pet has gained weight since their last visit.



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