Mrs Peachum’s Guide

Mid Wales Opera will present ‘Mrs Peachum’s Guide to Love and Marriage’ at SpArc Theatre Bishops Castle on Saturday 23 November at 7.30pm. MWO’s Small Stages team romps back onto stage with a radical reworking of John Gay’s 1728 ballad opera. Join Mrs Peachum, her daughter Polly and The Beggar in their bawdy, ballsy take on relationships and the relative virtues of virginity.

Loyalty and love are put to the test as murder, rage and fury drive this rumbustious tragicomedy towards its conclusion. Will things really be left so unhappily, and will Polly remain true to her man and abandon her mother to the lure of London Gin? This restoration comedy is filled with as many musical twists as there are in the plot. Though the trio of characters may live in the gutter, musically they are looking to the stars…

For more details visit or call 01952 510375.


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