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Not only do we have over 35 years’ experience in caring for lawns, but we also continue to pioneer innovative solutions in lawn care, boldly leading the way in our industry as the most recommended Lawn Treatment Service in every part of the UK.

As summer approaches, it’s important that you keep your lawn healthy and strong in preparation for the rising temperatures, increased humidity, and reduced rainfall; this is where our NutraGreen ‘Summer Ready’ Treatment can help.

Our ‘Summer Ready’ treatment features a fully coated fertiliser designed to give your lawn a timed release of nutrition over several months, feeding your grass and stimulating growth. This sophisticated treatment also includes a weed control, keeping your lawn looking its best ready for summer.

An added benefit of our ‘Summer Ready’ treatment is that you’ll also receive an application of Oasis. Oasis helps your soil to make the best use of any available moisture, meaning you’ll need to water up to 80% less. This popular treatment now features an innovative seaweed extract which has proven to have an almost immediate effect on the colour of your lawn.

“give your lawn a timed release of nutrition over several months, feeding your grass and stimulating growth”


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