Tips for a beautiful summer lawn 

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GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service has over 35 years’ experience in caring for the nation’s lawns. With warmer, longer days on the horizon, we anticipate a burst of beautiful flowers alongside our lovely green lawns. To ensure your lawn takes pride of place as the centrepiece of your garden, it’s important to keep it nourished with our NutraGreen fertilisers and other beneficial treatments. Of course, your lawn must also benefit from regular mowing and watering to reach its full potential.  

Get to know, how to mow! 

  • When expecting dry weather, increase the height of your cut from 25mm (1 inch) to 50mm (2 inches). This helps to keep the grass cool and stops it from drying out too quickly.  
  • The more often you mow your lawn, the better it will look. Weekly cuts during summer would be a good general rule. 
  • Do not let your lawn grow too long before mowing it, and never scalp it! 
  • Check your mowers blade is sharp and remove any debris. 

How to water during dry weather. 

  • Watering in the evening is best for your lawn. 
  • Water for only 20 minutes at a time to avoid ‘pooling’ on your lawn.  
  • For more efficient watering, use a sprinkler and a timer. 
  • Watering costs far less than reseeding or replacing a lawn which has died of thirst. Our Oasis Water Conserver can also help to reduce the need to water by up to 80%! 

Now is the time to get the lawn ready for the Summer.  

This is the time when the grass plant begins to grow and requires additional nutrition from our NutraGreen Summer Ready fertiliser. Our Summer Ready treatment also includes a weed control, which will help reduce the weeds within your lawn. Alongside our Summer Ready treatment, we apply our Oasis Treatment. 

How can Oasis benefit your lawn? 

Oasis is our solution to helping your soil make the very best use of any available moisture, whether it’s rain, recycled water, or even morning dew. We’ve added a liquid seaweed extract to improve the colour and quality of your lawn almost immediately. This innovative solution also improves your grasses root development and strengthens it against natural stress factors. Oasis will keep your grass greener, for longer! 

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