School banners to fly high in Thiers

Four of Bridgnorth area schools have joined the Thiers, Ville Haute en Couleurs Banner Project, creating the most amazing pieces of art.

These banners will be sent off to Bridgnorth’s twin town of Thiers and will be displayed throughout the town from June to October.  They will hang proudly amongst another 150 exhibits.  The banner project has been running for many years and it is wonderful to see our young people still remaining engaged and keen to take part.

They were given two themes to choose from: “Au bonheur de fleurs” (to the happiness of flowers) and “Demain ou deux mains” (tomorrow or two hands, peace!”)

Bridgnorth Endowed School, Castlefields Primary and Highley Primary chose to paint the most beautiful flower banners, whilst St Leonard’s Primary chose the hands of peace.

“All four are incredible. The vision and creativity are astonishing,” says Fran Spicer of Bridgnorth Twinning Association.

 On Tuesday April 16 Mayor, Rachel Connelly, attended the Town Hall to present the children with a certificate as a thank you for their superb work and effort.  They were applauded by proud parents, teachers and members of the Association.

This year is the turn of Thiers to welcome Bridgnorth and fellow twin town from Gernany, Schrobenhausen.

“A group of members will be travelling to Thiers in July and will be able to see the banners flying in all their splendour.  Photographs will be taken.”

For more information about the Bridgnorth and District Twinning Association please contact  Membership costs £10 per person per year.

CAPTION: Pupils of  Bridgnorth Endowed School with their banner and Mayor Rachel Connolly.


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