Border controls

Hoe borders frequently, preferably on a nice sunny day and any weeds that are beginning to get established will wilt and die off quickly; regular hoeing will also allow air into the top layer of soil and encourage root growth.

As the weather improves the grass will start growing and need cutting. Do a light cut first, gradually reducing the mower height over several cuts. There’s likely to be plenty of moss in lawns again this year. MO Bacter organic moss treatment is ideal for controlling this. It can be applied to your lawn at any time from March through to September; it contains an organic fertilizer that releases over a three-month period which digests the moss, greens the lawn and improves the soil. It leaves no unsightly black patches and scarifying is not necessary. It has the added bonus that if its accidently spread on your plant borders it won’t hurt the plants and as it’s a fertiliser it will feed your borders too!

  • Published on 11th April 2019

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