Happy Tails

Is it true that ducks shouldn't be fed bread?

I have heard this. The RSPB and Canals and Rivers Trust both say too much white bread, which doesn’t have much nutritional value, can be bad for ducks – it fills them up so they don’t forage for more nutritious food.

While bread may be better than no food at all, experts suggest you vary your duck treats by using lettuce, sweetcorn, seeds, oats or leftover rice from your takeaway meal (just leave the crispy duck at home!).

You can also purchase specialist food, which is recommended for ducks, geese and swans, in garden centres and near to some lakes and waterways including Ellesmere.

Does my dog need a bath every time he comes back from a muddy walk?

Most small and medium breeds need a bit of a bath when returning from dirty walks. Fragments of dirt can cause skin issues in dogs; be sure to check for twigs and thorns, as well.

Remember to only wash the dirty bits, normally the shoulders downwards, although in some spaniel and other long-eared breeds, the ear hair may need washing too.

Try to dry your dog properly to reduce a chance of a chill and reduce the chances of that damp doggie smell permeating your home!

  • Published on 24th February 2019

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