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Is it okay to put hair accessories on my dog? 

Yes, if they don’t cause distress, discomfort or harm. If you’re thinking of bobbles in fringed areas, it’s important you don’t put them in too tightly or trap the skin, and you should remove the bobble daily. I’d advise against using such hair accessories if your dog’s liable to remove it, chew it and eat it. There have been cases where owners have put bobbles in dogs’ ears and the ear has then had to be removed as they put it around the earlobe – so please take care.

It doesn’t matter how much I bathe my dog, she still smells! What can I do? 

This could be down to a variety of issues. Does she have a skin condition? What shampoo do you use? Are you getting her perfectly dry? Some skin infections do make the dog smell; yeast-based dermatitis, for example. If you’re using an overly strong shampoo, you may be stripping the skin and coat of oils; the skin then over-produces oil to compensate, resulting in a smell. Finally, many dogs are not dried sufficiently after bathing at home, resulting in a smelly dog next day. You don’t say which breed you have, but I’d book in with a professional groomer and have her assessed and groomed – you may be surprised at how long-lasting the freshness will be! 

Amy Stewart of Happy Tails Dog Spa has a BSc in Animal Behaviour and is a certified pet health counsellor. Send your questions for Amy to [email protected] 

  • Published on 24th August 2018

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