Inter-continental school partnership

Wolverhampton Grammar School (WGS) and St Paul’s School in Macau are separated by almost 6,000 miles, but the two schools have been surprised to learn how much they have in common.

A delegation of staff from Wolverhampton Grammar School went to Macau in January and discovered many areas where the two might work together. Staff from St Paul’s, including head Father Dr Alejandro Salcedo Garcia, have since enjoyed a reciprocal visit to WGS and students from both schools are getting excited about the prospects for gap year placements, student and staff exchanges and much more.

Like Wolverhampton Grammar School, St Paul’s have won many awards for their approach to education, and the two settings are keen to learn as much as possible from each other, with staff at the Macau school particularly interested in pastoral support and the way creative subjects are taught at the Midlands school. The use of digital technology is firmly embedded in the day-to-day school life at St Paul’s, to the extent that they have been ‘paperless’ for some five years.

  • Published on 18th April 2018

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