Life in monochrome

If you’ve visited the Bridgnorth Art Trail of locomotives, you may have noticed engine number three, which was created by black and white photographic documentary artist Kathryn O’Connor. Kathryn is now asking people to take part in a social history project.

She explains, “Faces and Workplaces 2019 to 2020 is a project about Bridgnorth working people. I’ll be photographing 100 individuals working in Bridgnorth, in as many diverse workplaces as possible. Participants will also fill in a questionnaire, and portraits and questionnaires will be given to Shropshire Archives for posterity. An exhibition of a selection of the portraits will take place in August as part of the Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival.

“As we all spend so much of our lives working, I feel it should be seen and celebrated. I also want to collect people’s work, life, dreams, and jobs to give a greater depth to the portraits taken, helping us to see that maybe we’re not all defined by the current job we do or how our face looks or even how we write…”

  • Published on 11th April 2019

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