Sunday best

On a recent Sunday in Cressage, over 40 members of the community forfeited their day of rest to assist the local primary with a building project. The school has been hoping to expand its outdoor offer by investing in an outdoor classroom – but found it was beyond their budget.

Enter 42 parents, grandparents, staff and family members, who gave up their Sunday and came together with an astonishing array of power tools, a tractor, loader, digger and lots of muscle power! Five hours later, six tonnes of soil had been moved and foundations laid for the outdoor classroom; landscaping had taken place and lots of summer gardening had been completed.

Head Tracey Cansdale says, “For a school of 84 children, this shows how committed parents, staff and governors are to making sure our children get the very best education possible. The outdoor classroom will be important but this has also given children a valuable life lesson too – the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community. Thanks to all who came.”

  • Published on 26th June 2018

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