Swift help needed 

Along with the Bridgnorth branch of Shropshire Wildlife Trust, a local group advertised for helpers to check for possible swift nest sites – and they’re hoping to recruit more helpers for next year.

Bridgnorth Swift Group’s Carol Wood says, “Volunteers recorded swifts in both High and Low Town. Although we’ve made a good start this year, there’s still much to do. We need others to get involved, especially to report nest sites. No special experience or equipment is required and it’s a good opportunity for families to get involved. All records are investigated and recorded, and it’s an easy and worthwhile citizen science exercise.

“There’s been a dramatic decline in swift breeding numbers as the renovation of older buildings results in many cavities being blocked. When swifts reach Bridgnorth having flown from Africa, they are unable to access their traditional nest sites where they use to lay their eggs and rear their chicks. Consequently, their numbers have dropped by 50% in 20 years.”

If you’d like to get involved, email [email protected].

Image courtesy of Tom Lindroos

  • Published on 24th August 2018

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