Swift solutions!

Bridgnorth Swift Group was formed last year with the aim of surveying swift nesting sites. Member Carol Wood explains, “Swifts are particularly fond of old churches as loft spaces are ideal for them to lay eggs and rear young. There’s been a sizeable decline due, in part, to the renovation of older buildings. This is a shame, as swifts are not messy birds and spend most of their lives on the wing.”

Following consultation with the Churches Conservation Trust and the Friends of Saint Leonard’s, the Swift Group was permitted to install swift nesting boxes at the Bridgnorth church. Word travelled fast, thanks in part to Trish Shotton of Ditton Priors; Malcolm Wain and David Shotton’s new Men in Sheds group offered to make the boxes and local builder Hugh Mortimer agreed to install them.

Carol says, “Hopefully these boxes will be used by the swifts when they return from Africa and inspire others to help these visitors.”

  • Published on 11th April 2019

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