Twinning trip

Bridgnorth is twinned with Thiers in France and Schrobenhausen in Germany, and a festival is held in one of the three towns each year. The 2019 Twinning Festival will take place in Thiers over the weekend of 6 and 7 July, and residents of Bridgnorth town and surrounding Parishes are invited to join a group to participate share in the annual cultural experience of the event.

Spokesperson Yvette Tippe says, “We can travel as a group with a shared transport cost or independently. Accommodation can be arranged with local families or privately acquired at your own cost. It would be a great opportunity to extend your trip to a mini-break across the region and beyond.”

The twinning scheme generates income for each of the towns as well as the chance to participate in local activities during the festival. Bridgnorth hosted the Festival in 2018, which was hailed as resounding success due to the number of visitors from the twinning towns and the friendship between the towns continues way beyond the festival events.

For more information email yvette.t[email protected] or call 07780 901108 or 01746 763022.

  • Published on 17th February 2019

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