Vets Feature: Don’t ignore lump and bumps

Steph her dog Frankie

Pictured above: Stephanie Edwards (& Frankie), BVetMed MRCVS, Severn Edge Veterinary Group

Have you noticed any lumps and bumps on your pet? Whether you notice new ones or a change in an existing lump, it’s key to get any lumps checked out by your vet. An interesting case recently has highlighted the need for investigation of these masses, even if they have been there for years.

I saw a middle-aged Jack Russell terrier recently with a lump on her leg that had been there for years and was never investigated as ‘it wasn’t causing an issue’. Very suddenly, it grew drastically in size and unfortunately its location made impossible to remove completely. To get a diagnosis that would help us form a plan of action, we decided to sample the lump using a fine needle aspirate, or FNA – a simple test done without the need for anaesthetic… if the patient is amenable!

Sadly for this little dog, the diagnosis was a medium grade mast cell tumour; quite a nasty little growth. She underwent chemotherapy using a new drug for this type of tumour. However, the treatment yielded only minimal success, so the next step would be to remove the mass, which would require quite aggressive surgery. After careful comparison of options by the owners, the decision was made to remove the leg and the mass with it, and the surgery is due to take place very soon.

That said, not all growths are sinister and if you are worried about any new or old lumps on your pet, talk to your vet as soon as possible to put your mind at ease. During September we have a promotion taking place to help us get on top of these lumps and bumps. For £30 we are offering a consultation with a vet to check any masses, which includes the FNA and the lab interpretation.


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